Just a Base Hit

Just a base hit…just a base hit is all we need, my coach yelled from the sidelines. Standing at home plate a base hit is the last thing on my mind. I’m swinging for the fences!!

As a child raised on a farm, I had stamina but little sports ability.  I was short, very skinny and usually the last one to be picked for any sports. So whenever I was privileged to stand at home plate, I felt I had something to prove. Just one crushing hit and I wouldn’t be last anymore. I’d have that respect of being a worthy player.

That was many years ago in grade school and today I find myself performing the same antics. Looking for that crushing, line drive over the fence into the parking lot to show the world “I made it”.  Sports wise, I have closed the athletic gap as now I run, bike, kayak, hike, etc. I place well in whatever I enter and finally escaped that childhood stigma of being last in sports.

As I was talking with my life coach I about success strategies and he said the same thing I heard many years ago. “Just a base hit ” is what you need. What wins games are teams who consistently put players on base. Regular base hits build momentum which leads to consistent scores.

Ironic how what I heard in grade school softball field is still applicable today in my life.