Nourishing my Soul

Wow, I feel great!!

I rolled out of bed early Monday morning. I haven’t felt this good in weeks!!  Usually I’m up early and ready to tackle the day but the last few weeks I had no ambition to get up. I forced myself during the week so I could go to work, but the weekend would find me in bed till 8 or 9am. Normally I’m up early on weekends running, walking, biking or some other activity.  I told myself “I need the rest” but inside I knew something was not right and I hadn’t quite put my finger on it.

Today I was back to my old self which was an eye opening realization when I looked back at the last few weeks. It is amazing how we can change so quickly, either direction! Of course, the meditation of the day was all about what changed and how. 

I reviewed the events of the weekend: took some cool videos of the ocean. Went to church and heard a great lesson on love. Took my new bike out for an inaugural ride and totally loved it. I fixed a friend’s pc so he could get online again.  I installed a new outlet for my elderly neighbor so he could connect his new computer, etc.

What did all of these events have in common? These are all things I just love to do!  The entire weekend was filled with activities that bring me purpose, that keep me in the moment, that teach me, opportunities to give, and more. Activities which nourish my soul.

Starting the week vibrant, positive, and thankful brought a wave of unexpected good things and it has been amazing to just watch things fall together.  Not only do I feel better, but everything else is showing up better.

Too often we think we don’t have time or get caught up in the daily routine. In reality, it doesn’t take a lot of effort or money to nourish your soul. Simple things often have the most benefit.

Take a walk under the evening stars, get up early and watch the sunrise, write a story, take some fun photos, snuggle up under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate. This is a fun one; make a batch of cookies and visit your neighbor who lives alone.

Just as our bodies respond to the quality of food we intake, our soul responds to the quality of life we choose.  When you do those things that bring you joy and fulfillment your soul and body will thank you with vibrancy and happiness. Now where did I put my cup of hot chocolate?

Why does something have to be broken to fix it?

The time had come to replace my faithful, but aging car.  I had meticulously cared for it over the years so it ran & looked great. However, with 154K miles, it was time for something a little roomier, more power, more style, and of course lower miles.  

I owned my previous car for 7 years, I knew this day would come and had been preparing. As I began shopping, I’d tell people “I’m looking for a newer car”, in hopes that they would share the excitement.  Some did, but a lot of the responses were an immediate “What’s wrong with your old one!”  Ummm, nothing, just time for something newer.  Over and over again I was met with the same, almost antagonistic response: “What’s wrong with it? If it runs fine, why are you getting rid of it”? “Drive it into the ground. When it breaks then replace it”.  I knew they were only trying to help.      

I took their advice to heart, reviewed my plans and came back with the same answers.  I’ve long since bought the car but the concept still intrigues me to this day:

Why does something have to be broken to fix it?

That’s pretty limiting when you think about it. Sure, we shouldn’t be carelessly throwing things away and supporting rampant consumerism. However, at the same time, we shouldn’t hold on to something that is not working for us just because it’s not broken.

If I buy something that works, but doesn’t work as I need it to, than it’s not working. It’d be a waste for me to keep it when it could work for someone else.

I’m a firm believer in being able to change out of choice , not just out of necessity.  So unlimit yourself; don’t wait to make positive changes just because something isn’t broken.