Seeing Clearly

Every day I walked in, I noted them. They were impossible to miss and yet I couldn’t do anything about it; the office windows. They were dingy, dirty, and covered with a greyish film consisting of years of dirt, rain, pollution, salt spray and whatever else floated by and stuck. The large windows provided much needed light but the dirtiness muted the light, the view, and the mood.

Then it happened….. I heard the beeping and saw the cherry picker raise up, bringing a crew of window cleaners. In about 10 minutes, they cleaned the entire span of windows; years and years of dirt and grime gone in just 10 minutes.

Wow, I what a difference!! I just stood there soaking it all in. Gone was all the years of dirt, dinge, and just ick. I had forgotten what it was like to have a clear view. The deep blue sky, dotted with white clouds actually looked inviting. The distractions we had grown accustomed too, were now gone. The natural daylight fills the office unfettered, making it bright and cheery. The mood instantly is better.

At times my life can be like those dirty, dingy windows. Things are going along, then something happens. Some dirt gets stuck if you will. Then more dirt sticks to it and soon, my vision is cloudy. For whatever reason, I do not, will not, or cannot address whatever the “dirt” is. Maybe the dirt is fear; fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of being judged. Maybe the dirt is pain, emotional or physical, or both. Could be anything, but I don’t like it and I know it, but “I’ll change it later”. Day after day goes by. Days turn into months, months into years and the dirt is still there. By this time, I’m used to the dirt, have accepted it as normal and have totally forgotten what its like to see clearly. I lose the clear vision.

Then it happens; an unexpected, but much needed change occurs. Someone or something appears at the perfect time and all that old “dirt” is cleared. Wow!! I can’t believe how much dirt there was and how much clearer things are. I am glad the dirt is gone, but at the same time, I am grateful for it because now I truly appreciate being able to see clearly. What a blessing it is to have the distractions removed, to see the light brightly and to see clearly.

Freshen up the Air

“Wow, why does my house smell like a cat shelter?” I had just came in from an after work bike ride and my house smelled like poop. The litter boxes were clean. My friends all have cats, often two, and their house doesn’t smell like this, what gives?

The litter box is upstairs, I clean the carpets regularly but the smell is like an evil ghost that likes to torment you periodically for no apparent reason.

I looked at my two furballs and they just looked back with a “what’s your problem” look on their face.

Then it dawned on me…….I know what happens in the litter box, but aside from scooping, I don’t do anything to counteract it. I may burn incense if its really bad, but I don’t have a constant source of fresh air.

How often is my mind just like that? Just like when I came in the house, my mind was pretty distraught and upset. That’s not unusual, just part of the human existence. If I’m going to change that mood though, I’m going to have to “freshen the air” and make sure there are plenty of positive thoughts and interactions to fend off those occasional stinky ones.

For the house, I bought new candles, leave the windows open, and brought a couple of plants inside. I’m sure there will still be some smelly days, but now I’m bringing some “fresh air” in.

For my mind; I’m meditating, reading inspiring works, and doing things that enlighten me. Yeah, I still have some “stinky” days, but I’m providing a constant source of “fresh air” to carry that occasional stink out.

If things are looking less than ideal, maybe its time to turn the tide and freshen the air.