Keeping it easy with a clear vision

We had just finished filming a shot for the television segment and wanted to capture some different views. I called our contact and asked for more action shots. I wanted b-roll of action, not just students in a classroom. As we briefly talked, I sensed a divide between us.

Then I realized what it was; she didn’t know what I wanted to do. So then I explained that the segment will have the interviewer speaking and then have different videos appear throughout the interview. This will make the segment visually engaging as well as informative. Ideally, it will encourage parents and students to learn more about the program. “Oh, now I understand” she said and immediately had some ideas that fit perfectly.

As I concluded the call, I realized a few important things. The power of a clear vision and being able to articulate it clearly. Personally, I know I can have a vision of what I want, but often articulating it clearly is a challenge. I don’t like to box myself into a certain “thing”. I like to have options so at times I can be a little indecisive. Yet, when I know exactly what I want and can communicate that clearly, everything just falls into place.

It surely makes life easier for all the people I need to work with to achieve a goal as well as makes my life easier as I know what I’m going for. Now here’s the fun part, taking it to a new level. How much different would my life be if I communicated my soulful, heartfelt vision with clarity and ease when I prayed? If the physical can become that much better, how much better can the spiritual?

Hmmm….I have a list of goals to accomplish, I’m going to revisit them from my heart and with clarity. Whether it’s in prayer, to a friend, or someone I just met, I’m going to truly feel what I want and be able to communicate that vision clearly. What fun!

Getting Unstuck

“I can’t believe this!!” Its 4:30 in the afternoon, I am in the western section of Colorado hours from civilization and I am stuck. Tires spin, mud flies, but forward progress is just a dream.

No problem; I open the back of my SUV to retrieve my shovel, jack, and other recovery gear. Uh –oh, this is not good!! The cargo area is completely empty! I took everything, & I mean everything, out because I shampooed the cargo area. This joyride was just an impromptu trip and wasn’t supposed to be an epic off-road adventure.

We were enjoying the scenic views and found a dirt road and just had to take it.  Now here I am about 2 hours of daylight left,  no recovery tools and stuck. This short fun ride just took a turn for the worse.

At first I became worried about the sun setting and being stuck in the wilderness overnight without provisions. That quickly turned to “I need to get out of here”.  I tried logs, rocks, and finally it was some odd combination that included using all 4 floor mats that finally got me on solid ground.

I love this story because I’ve often found myself stuck in life and bemoaning the situation. It’s not fun, but there’s something about complaining. Maybe it’s the attention, the validation, who knows.

Like the real stuck scenario above, if I would’ve wasted time complaining about being stuck, asking how did this happen, why am I being punished, why did this happen to me, etc. I would’ve been stuck there all night. No food, no water, and no blankets at 10,000 feet would have made me another preventable statistic.

But I didn’t focus on all that useless hyperbole. I focused on getting out! I didn’t make excuses about not having what I needed. I just used everything I could get my hands on, did whatever it took and extracted myself.

Back to the real world……If I would apply that same diligence to the “stucks” in my life, I’d be much further ahead.  That evening in the mountains, my main concern was escaping a freezing night without supplies. In real life, the stakes are just as life changing, just maybe not as apparent. Or we don’t view them as critical as they really are.

For me, it’s time  to look where I’m “stuck” in my life and stop making excuses, stop complaining, and stop wondering why. It’s time to do whatever it takes to move forward and get back on the road of life.