Picked Up and Moved

Struggling to cross the vast expanse of concrete, an earthworm was attempting to cross the sidewalk. He was inching along, but forward progress was difficult. This little guy is made for smooth dirt, not rough pavement.

From my vantage point, I knew the grass on the other side was where he was headed and I wanted to help him get there easier.   Placing him in the grass would be easy for me to do and it’d save him a lot of effort. He could get on with digging in the dirt instead of struggling on the concrete.

When I attempted to pick him up, he didn’t view me as help.  He began wriggling every which way trying to escape. He was really hard to get a hold of, but I finally gently got him in my hand. I’m sure he was just reacting and defending himself.  He didn’t know that my intention was to take him to a better place. All he saw was he being taken to out of his familiar element to who knows where.

He continued to fight as I gently placed him into a grassy area.  Once he realized he was in the grass, he settled down and began to dig into the dirt.  He was in his element and could now easily do what he needed to do.

Have you ever experienced this? I have. I’ve struggled and made slow progress because I wasn’t in the most effective place. Tons of effort was expended with very little results.  Why is this so hard? I’d ask. Please send me help!  Of course, I’d expect it to be in a particular form; someone to help me, maybe smooth out the sidewalk, give me wheels so I can roll, etc.

True to divine order, help always comes as I least expect it but as I totally need it. It’s that unexpected which catches me off guard. “No I don’t want to do that” or my perennial favorite “I can’t see how that will work out”.  I resist what I don’t understand…..

In spite of my verbal and physical protests, I’m just picked up and moved to where I need to be.  Just as an earthworm is out of his element being in a closed hand, in the air, so I’m often out of my element when I’m moved. Guess that’s why they call it faithJ

And in the perfect time, I’m placed exactly where I need to be and my soul instantly knows it. I’m calm, I feel at home, and fulfilled. I realize this is where I needed to be all along. I just didn’t get here the way I expected.

The lesson for me is this: guidance and help aren’t often what I expect them to be and often take me way out of my comfort zone. In the end, I am exactly where I need to be.

Unanswered Prayers

“I cannot believe that, seriously!”….I shrugged my head in disbelief. I had very successfully interviewed for a job, in a place I really wanted to live. It was close to my family, in a place with tons of outdoor activities, and a great climate. It was the same position I currently have, which isn’t at all fulfilling, but considering all the other benefits I’d gladly make the change.

Then out of the blue, the opportunity just vaporized.  I mean, poof….gone.

Needless to say I was very, very upset and went out into to nature to have one of those no holds barred conversations with God. Ironically, when I let it all out unabashedly, is when I become crystal clear. It’s that point of frustration, that point of I’m tired of having hopes dashed, that I’m not taking this crap anymore attitude that breaks through every barrier to my soul. That is where real change begins.

So fast forward several months later…..nothing like the passage of time to put things in perspective. For a long time I have dreamed of being a successful writer who inspires people, who makes a positive difference in the world. I’ve dreamed of writing about travel and using my photography skills to share the good things about the world and encourage others to do the same.

It’s been 3 months since I didn’t get the job I really wanted. In those 3 months I finished and submitted my animal stories book to be published. Several of my travel stories have been published on high profile websites. And…..last week I was interviewed on television!!! My first big break and it was so easy. Remember my photography? Yesterday, I was chosen as the photographer for a photo shoot of a 1.2 million dollar home.

I feel so alive that it’s incredible!! THIS is what makes my heart sing!   It is all coming together so effortlessly that I just stand there in awe and all I can say is Wow and Thank You.  I didn’t get the job I thought I wanted, but I’m beginning to live the life I’ve dreamed.

So the question remains Is God saying “no” when your requests aren’t answered? Based on my experiences, I have a theory. When you let go and ask God to guide you, what begins to appear are your heart’s true desires. We may say we really want something, but way deep inside there is a different desire. Letting go and trusting is when we connect to our deeper being. Like a defibrillator, it often takes a jolt from life for us to connect to our heart.

Ironically, when we surrender to our heart, “coincidences” start to appear, and things easily fall right into place.  Instead of tireless effort that seems to get nothing, the simplest efforts yield incredible results.

So the next time a prayer isn’t “answered” take a long deep look into your soul. Just maybe your heart’s desires are begging, screaming, and kicking to be let out and now is their time.