Learning to Fly

My friend said “pull out the book from the under the seat and begin”. I thought he was kidding. I looked at him and then realized he was absolutely serious. That was one of my first times flying right seat and going over the pre-flight checklist. When it comes to flying, men do actually read the instructions.

Fast forward to a few months ago when I purchased an Autel Robotics X-Star premium with a 4k camera. I remembered all of those pre-flight checks, safety habits and try to fly with an abundance of caution and have fun too. When I put the FAA numbers on the side of it I felt like a real pilot. Cool!!!!

My very first flight out, a big black bird flew right up to the drone, and took a left at the last possible moment. It makes for a good video, but…..Yikes!! The other day I flew over a canal and almost crashed into the bushes. The only way across the canal was to swim and I’ve seen alligators in there, so that wasn’t happening. Note to self…only fly where I can retrieve it if necessary!

How many times have I crashed it you may be asking? Only once and that was on the maiden flight. I thought I knew what I was doing….Famous last words.

What I love is I’ve combined too things I love; flying and photography. I love the totally new perspectives I can capture. I’ve been low over canals, high above the intra coastal, and flown over the trees and found a secluded pond. It’s opened up a whole new world!!

My biggest challenge isn’t flying; it’s capturing the moments without disturbing what’s going on. Not easy to do with four loud propellers. There’s been more than a few times, I’ve refrained from flying so I don’t disturb the wildlife or the people near by.

Anyway, the featured photo is one I snagged over a canal. More great shots and videos to come!


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