Outrageous Ollie

There goes your pet deposit!! I laughed as Ollie scaled the screen door a fourth time and attempted to climb on top of the vertical blinds. Stuck to the door like Velcro, he could be removed, but within a few minutes he was at it again. The screen wasn’t ripped, but it was showing many signs of cat climbing history.

Ollie is a young cat with tons of energy and the screen is just the beginning. Place your sunglasses and keys on the counter and he’ll knock them on the floor in short order. Every day the stuffed Sand hill Crane mysteriously makes its way from the safe haven atop the bed to the living room floor. It must be learning to fly…..

Ollie loves to read books and gladly enjoys showing you his favorites by pushing them onto the floor. Then he’ll hide behind the bookcase while you put them back. Just when you’re done, Bam! He’ll push them out again.

The entire world is his playground and if you can’t find something, it’s not your memory going bad, it’s Ollie. It’s probably on the floor, under the couch, or down the hall. If it’s not tied down, he’ll move it, knock it over, or drag it out into the living room. Returning home often reveals a disheveled trail of miscellaneous items strewn across the floor.

The other night I heard a mysterious thump. Oops… I had left the door open to the laundry room and he ended up in that tiny space between the dryer and the wall. Stuck, in the corner, he just stared out between the dryer and door. I moved the dryer, unhinged the folding door and out he bounded. It’s a good thing that happened when I was here I said to myself.

Guess what happened the next day? Yep….I left the door open again and he ended up trapped again and fortunately I was there in short order. I’m not sure which one of us was worse; me for forgetting to close the door or him for jumping in there again.

The other evening, as he came tearing around the living room corner at full speed (again!), I was reminded of how much fun he was having. He lives it up regardless of day or night! No spoon, fork, TV remote, stuffed animal, magazine, car keys, bag, etc. is left unturned.

At times it’s almost annoying, like when he hurdles over the chair while I’m typing, but hey why not? When’s the last time we were carefree and had so much fun that we were annoying?

Hmmm……it’s too quiet in here; I’m going to knock some papers off someone’s desk…….

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