Into the Silence

As I sat there by candlelight in my bedroom, the message came through loud and clear. This stuff really works I mused to myself!! As time as gone on, I’ve drifted away from those silent moments only to find myself running to catch up. Chasing everything all at once and not gaining much in the process.

I’m not a still person. I like to do, to accomplish; you’ll find me running, biking, cleaning, writing, taking pictures, etc. If I sit still for too long, I’ll be asleep in a few minutes. I never understood the power of sitting in the silence till this year.

The silence, that space where your mind is clear and you’re open to hear is where all the answers are. I’ve written some of my best work directly from that silence, I’ve solved problems at work, gained direction, and the like. It’s contrary to what we normally want to do. Emphasis on the word “do”.

We tend to think we have to do something to get something else. That is often the case, but we miss the point about being quiet first. It’s like going on a trip without planning it first. We can begin to book airfare, hotel, and car, but if you don’t know what you want to do then it’s going to be difficult.

Going into the silence gives us direction, insight into the path to take for most fulfillment.  Ever had someone ask you for directions and as you explained you could tell they weren’t even listening?

Often our lives can be like that. We want direction, we want answers, but we aren’t willing to stop and listen. In the silence is where the answers lie. If you’re like me, being still and quiet often leads to snoring…….So taking 10 minutes to just be quiet and listen is a challenge. But once you get the hang of it, it’s amazing.

There are many ways people get there, but for me it’s just moments of being still and quiet without distractions.  A set space is often good to establish the habit, but you can be silent anywhere if you can find a place without distractions.

An interesting side note that I’ve experienced. Taking time into the silence on a regular basis helps keep me calmer and I pay more attention to during the day. It’s like I’m tuned to the right channel and everything is clear.

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