Sometimes You Have to Backup to go Forward

Buried up to the wheel wells in the snow, my SUV was not going forward. With lots of effort, I managed to get it rocking and backed out of the mess. Whew!! Now I could take a look at the whole situation and see exactly where I went wrong. I had ended up in some ruts. If I could miss those, I had a good shot of making it through.

I thought of this story as I was contemplating a career move at work. A position in a previous department became available, but I didn’t want to go backward in my career. My current position was good, but not great. Course, it’s what I make it right?

As I was thinking aloud, I thought about this story. Sometimes when you’re stuck, you need to back up and get another perspective. When you’re mired in something, it’s hard to see the whole picture. Your main focus is to get out not the road ahead.

You’d love to go forward, but sometimes the only way to move forward is to back up and take another run at it. Anyone that has driven down a muddy or snowy road knows the power of momentum. Often you’ll get stuck in the mud or a snowdrift, but backing up and gaining some speed will get you right on through.

Or maybe you’ll backup, take a look, and decide that’s not where you really want to go and change directions.

Either way, sometimes backing up and taking a second look is the best way to move forward.

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