A change in my perspective

“I have one a coupon for this event, do you want to go? Sure, I reply.  Previously, I probably would’ve said I’m busy or maybe next time, but this time was different.   My friend was going away soon so I wanted to enjoy our time together while we could.

When my cat was diagnosed with terminal cancer, it was the same way. I suddenly had plenty of time for all those things I was “too busy for”. We went for rides in the car, to the park, I’d let her outside to play for hours, etc. She became more alive with all the attention too, but that’s another story.

This morning I was pondering why I act differently when I know time is limited. I think we treat our pets, friends and relationships much like our physical things. We purchase them and assume we’ll have them till WE decide we’re done.

Instead of treating our friends, pets, and relationships like our forever purchases we should treat them as if they’re on loan to us for a limited time.   That time could be 2, 5, 25, or 70 years we just don’t know. What we do know is our time together is limited in some form so we should get the most from it.

That got me to thinking; What if I viewed my friends as on loan to me? I wouldn’t pass on the occasional lunch invitation because I was “too busy”.  I’d make more time to get together instead of “doing it later”.

What if I viewed my family as loan to me? The short 3 hour plane ride would definitely be more than just a once a year occurrence. I’d call more, send cards, and keep in touch well beyond the usual Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Christmas.

And what about those shedding fur balls (cats) that run around the house and sleep on my bed? I’d spend more time playing with them and showing them love. Turning on the faucet so one could drink wouldn’t be such an imposition; it’d just be one of those memorable quirks.

Okay enough writing, I’m going to call my friend and grab a pizza. It’s been way too long.

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